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What is included in your commission fee?

Once your estate comes into our store, we take each item out and do a quick wipe down of the item. We take an individual picture of the item and immediately run an online search for the item to see what a fair price for the item is. We add the item with a quick description into our online software system (prosale) that we pay to keep our estates separate from each other. The system allows us to enter a description and price into the system and it will generate a barcode that we scan when someone purchases your item. We take all your photos of your items and upload them to EstateSales.Net where we do pay to advertise your estate sale on. We take care of the credit card fees, the city and county sales/use tax and send them to the proper reporting agency. We also advertise on Facebook marketplace and our business instagram page.

At the conclusion of your sale, you will get a print out of all the items that sold and for what dollar amount along with your check.

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Let's Work Together

We offer 2 different services:


Included in our commission rate for our services includes BOTH the city and county sales and use tax. Customers only pay the city tax. The county taxes are paid by Valley Vintage Estates Sales LLC and those are included in our commission rate. We are a LEGAL business and we are required to pay these TAXES.

  • Drop off:

You drop off your items to us in store. If you have a smaller estate, that can be done during our normal business hours. If you have a larger estate, we will arrange a good day/time for the drop off when we don’t have customers in the store. Our commission is 50% for the sale.


  • Pick up:

We can offer a pick up service. The company we use is NOT affiliated with our store but we have a great working relationship with them. For pickups, I will come to the house, meet you, go over the contract, have you sign it and give you 2 HOURS of my time. I can help finish packing or organize items being picked up. I will tag items for our pick up service, and take a video of the items to be picked up. OUR pick up service ONLY picks up tagged items and items that are in the video. Our pick up service charges $65 an hour and $3 a mile. 

YOU pay for the pickup service, the initial charge is $350.00, that is due to Valley Vintage Estate Sales, LLC when I come to the house and meet with you. Once the pick up service drops off at the store, if the PICK up charge is more than $350.00 the rest of the charge will come out of your profit at the end of the estate sale. IF the pickup charge was less then $350.00, your estate will be credited back at the end of the estate sale. Our commission is 50% for the sale.


Why is the pick up fee $350.00??? Most of our Estates that have needed a pick up service have ran around $350.00 for the pick up and drop off. Estates that are more heavy on furniture cost more because it takes longer to load, wrap and prepare it to be transported. 

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